Love & Dating Coach

Love & Dating Coach

As a love and dating coach, I work with people who are ready to find their most perfect match. I will guide you to untangle limiting beliefs, attitudes, or negative patterns to clear up any blocks to finding love, along with understanding how to navigate the dating world.


  • Wondering if you are too damaged to find love again
  • Looking for “The One”
  • Living in a world of “What if I am alone forever”
  • Frustrated with online dating and feel hopeless
  • Recovering from a breakup or heartache but don’t know how to move on
  • Need to gain more confidence
  • Obsessing about love that got away
  • Are you sabotaging your dating and love life
  • Need to gain more confidence
  • Want to understand the common red-flags in dating
  • Obsessing about love that got away

Creating A Map of You

You may want to bring love into your life, yet feel drowned with all kinds of negativity and frustration. Understanding YOU, your attachment style, your saboteurs, your love language, your values and learning how to pick up on red flags, are essential to being in a healthy relationship. When you become crystal clear about who you are, you become crystal clear about who will be the right match for you.

Maybe you are having trouble meeting someone, or maybe you are able to start relationships but come to abrupt endings too often. During the early phases, aka “the honeymoon phase” all is great, but this is the time when you really need to do the work to understand if this person is a good match for you in the long term.

Love and relationships can be hard. People have heartbreaks that they carry around for decades from childhood, from breakups, or after a divorce. If you are holding onto pain and can’t let it go, and it’s preventing you from moving forward with your life, I can help!

Many of us feel confused about what’s blocking us from finding the right person. When you understand your patterns, your past hurts and emotional baggage you ultimately find someone that makes you feel loved and cherished.

The path to love starts with uncovering our unhealthy dating beliefs, attitudes, and patterns.

In the coaching process, you will gain clarity about your love style and the love styles of your ideal relationship and partner. This is a very powerful process as you become crystal clear of what you want, of red flags and you will stop wasting time with people who will not meet your needs. Make the dating process simple and fun.

  • Improve your ability to meet new people
  • Sharpen your flirting skills
  • Understand your top love languages
  • Get clear on your attachment style
  • Create a love alter
  • Identifying your stories and self-limiting beliefs
  • Learn more about your communicate patterns
  • Change your mindset and fears in ordView Pageer to attract love into your life
  • Re-imagine online dating and feel excited and hopeful


You Deserve Love

When you set a vision for what you want, you can then take clear action to go for it! This is where my coaching comes in… I guide you to make long-awaited changes in your love life and relationships. When you know your non-negotiable values, you are able to set boundaries and limits and make decisions from a place of confidence rather than fear or what you think is expected of you.

What is your attachment style?

Attachment theory, developed by Bowlby and Ainsworth found that the nature in which infants get their needs met by their parents significantly contributes to their “attachment strategy” throughout their lives.

Your attachment style can very well explain why your relationships fail or succeed, who you are attracted to and why you experience certain emotions when meeting a new partner. The good news is that your attachment style can change over time — although it’s slow and difficult.

The four child/adult attachment styles are:

  • Secure
  • Avoidant
  • Anxious
  • Disorganized

There are variations within that including anxious-avoider and others combinations. Uncovering your style and the style of the people you are in a relationship to can be mind-blowing!

Healing Emotional Baggage Before Finding Love Again

If you have been in a toxic relationship, you may still be experiencing heartache, PTSD or feel haunted by how your ex treated you.

Moving into the next phase of life with unresolved and painful emotions is like moving into a new house with all the clutter and garbage of the previous owner still there.

It’s pretty easy to remove physical clutter if you can easily see the mess. But how can you clear out the emotional baggage, pain and clutter from a previous relationship or marriage when you can’t identify where it’s hiding? Especially when it pops up and triggers you when you least expect it. Most importantly, how do you let it go?

Are you tired of Swiping Left and Right

If you are tired of all the time it takes to swipe left and right, and all the messages required to make a connection? Maybe it’s time to try a different approach. Your love success does not depend on how many dating apps you are on, but how you approach finding your perfect match.

Transform your dating burnout and experience the joy of dating again.

How would that make you feel? I  help you get clear and create that vision of the most wonderful outcome you image. If you can visualize it, you can create it!

0 1“Jade’s personal coaching has really been the biggest benefit for me. Focused, practical helpful questioning and mentoring in ways that seem to work for me. I was afraid the sessions would be mostly superficial and fluff — they aren’t! Thanks Jade!” —Brian, Sonoma, CA


Photo“She was always prepared and prompt. Her ideas and tools were insightful. It was like talking to your best friend who knew what you needed to hear.”—Lisa, Portland, OR