How to Stop Self Sabotage

There are many reasons you unknowingly self-sabotage the things you want most. I help you stop the cycle of self-sabotaging patterns in your life, relationships and career.

Do you often think…

• I’m not enough
• I’m not worthy
• I’m not smart enough
• I don’t deserve it
• If I try, I’ll fail

Let me introduce…The Saboteur; those inner critics that cause self-doubt and create lots of noise in your mind.

From the time you were a child, you were being inundated with ideas and myths about success and failure. These beliefs were likely soaked in by your subconscious like a sponge. As a result, you cognitively carry negative self-beliefs and self-talk around with you. They can begin as an “innocent” comment someone said but get burrowed in your mind and become entangled in your identity.

The first step to self-confidence and an extraordinary life is having a deep understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re struggling, chances are that you are not honoring your core values. My one-on-one coaching will help you get clear on your core values and beliefs. When you know your non-negotiable values, you are able to set boundaries and decisions from a place of strength and your inner wisdom.

My mission is to help you untangle your inner saboteurs from your inner wisdom and uncover the hindrances that keep you from fully awakening to your highest potential.

I provide both practical information and deep insightful guidance to accelerate abundance and fulfillment in your life.

The combination of my coaching expertise and life experience, allows me to give you the knowledge and tools to lead with confidence, rather than fear, and reach your highest potential.

Find Your Voice

Many people live their lives feeling invisible, unheard and unseen. Some people are naturally able to let themselves be seen and heard, and for others, it’s a much harder task.

To discover what your soul really wants, you have to find your voice.

Our voice is our essence and it takes courage to allow ourselves to be seen. Having a clear purpose is the primary step to finding your voice. The more clear your purpose is, the stronger your voice is.

And… the wonderful outcome of having a clear voice is that not only are you empowered and feel so much more confident, you also begin to attract into your life the resources and people that are aligned with your highest good.

  • Connect to what really brings you alive
  • Feel confident and worthy
  • Find your voice
  • Understand your inner critics and how they show up
  • Deeply trust in your potential
  • Learn from failures
  • Build resilience
  • Create personal and professional boundaries
  • Cultivate mindful attention in all your activities
  • Enhance skills, solve problems, and gain insight
  • Tap into your creativity and intuition

I help you sort out the inner critics from your inner allies and unblock your confidence, clarity and self-esteem.